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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Casper, Wyoming September 2007

I am not originally from Casper, but my UFO experience came from when I went to visit my aunt and uncle who live on 6 Mile Road in Casper. Their home is near the airport, so sighting of objects in the sky is of course extremely common, and people especially the local would pay no attention to it.
After dinner at about 6:30 pm I came out for a walk with my aunt. I asked her if the noises from the airplanes ever bothers her and her husband. She said no. Then the dog started barking
    ferociously at nothing in the air. We tried to calm her down since we saw nothing our of the ordinary.
Then all of a sudden there was a ball of light rising
from the far horizon, maybe about 500 yards away. It rose up to the sky with a sudden climb. There was no sound to be heard. The object was a bit pink-ish. We couldn't believe our eyes and had no explanation for this event.
The ball of light rose up and follow the airplane until we couldn't see it any more. The sun was setting but we could see it well still. Has anyone seen this?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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