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Disc UFO Sighting from Foothill Ranch, California 1995

One night 20 years ago my boyfriend and I were driving around one night through neighborhoods in Foothill Ranch looking at all the nice new houses. As we came down this hill, suddenly and with no sound or warning a huge disc shaped space craft filled all of the view in front of us.
It was insanely close to us. Seemed to be about 30-50 feet in front of us and low in the air, hovering effortlessly. I remember it being dark in color, enormous and surrounded by steam and glowing
    red lights illuminating in the steam.
Then it was gone as fast as it appeared. We both saw it with our very own eyes. I asked him recently if we really saw a
UFO that night. He confirmed that we definitely did. What I saw was so unreal, I have a hard time believing I actually saw it.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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