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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Casper, Wyoming August 01 2011

We were on N. Poplar Street next to I-25 when we saw a dark round object flying extremely slow across Soda Lake at around 18:00 on a Thursday in August of 2011. (Sorry I don't remember the exact date, but I do remember the day because it was the day I drove on home from work on the route. )
It was strange because it also had a barium cloud following its tale. First I thought it was an ad-plane, but then I realized there wasn't any ad attached to its tail.
After a minute
    or so it started to wobble as well as move slowly from right to left. I was basically staring at this for two straight minutes. (I pulled over to the shoulder to
get a good look. ) Suddenly it disappeared into the horizon, just like in a movie, but it was real. Has anyone seen this?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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