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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Eugene, Oregon February 17 2012

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On my birthday, February 17th. , several years ago (2012?) I was chasing after my dog, who had gotten out the front door again, on Welcome Way. I followed him to the dog park, and he nearly got hit by several cars before I caught him. When my mother and brother caught up with me, they asked me if I had seen something falling from the sky. It was seen by a lot of people, and was on the news, but if I'm correct, nothing was found...

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Was this at night or in daylight? I personally have seen numerous meteors disintegrating at lower atmospheric levels over Eugene late at night. They generally appear in a west-to-east line of orientation after midnight but before dawn, possibly on a course toward the sun and caught in Earth's gravitational pull as they pass by.
Around the year of your sighting, one broke up in a severe manner over the Autzen Stadium area heading over the Coburg Hills. This one burned bright red in a flaming fashion and split into several pieces which burned red as they fell toward Earth.
Normally, you only see a white flash burnout, so I was convinced that pieces may have reached close to ground level if not impacting. Our police dispatchers seemed fairly disinterested. Now that the Russian experience has occurred, everyone's running for emergency plan funding.
I wonder if they will install a special hotline you can call after a meteor has hit you in the head. By, the way, if you see a near miss of aircraft don't try calling the airport control tower... The phone number leads nowhere.
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