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Lights UFO Sighting from Corvallis, Oregon 2014

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  motion that's hard to describe. It was moving side to side, arcing upwards and downwards as if curving up a slope, and turning back down, repeating the motion in the other direction, left and right as it moved forward. I'd relate it to a downhill skier in a curved valley winding up and down the sides.

The two triangles of light were moving in conjunction to this path, in a way that would need to be seen to be understood. But it was graceful and swift. It's speed was no longer
    constant, it would rapidly increase and decrease randomly during this motion. As it got more and more distant the lights twinkled out of visibility, all after an
astonishing 15-20 seconds.

So thanks for listening to my recollection. I am still considering the possibility it could be explained, like a toy RC plane of some sort? It produced no noise. The thing that really strikes me is how high altitude it seemed, in combination with the incredible speed. I'd love to think it was low to the ground like an RC plane, but at the angle and position in the sky from my viewpoint, I know it was at least a few thousand feet up, but potentially
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