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Long Object UFO Sighting from Concord, California 2014

Last year (2014) my wife and I were looking at a house to buy. We eventually found a really nice one on Crystal Ranch Drive. We both liked the house very much and had decided to go ahead with it, but we thought it would be a good idea to drive around the neighborhood at night to see if everything looked right and safe. We were driving down that road at around 11:30 pm one night. It was in the summer time, so the sky was pretty clear.

Then all of a sudden my wife said ''look
    at that. What is that?'' We both saw a pencil shape object flying very low the top of the hill to our right. It was blue and glowing, and it was flying slowly.
There was also a humming sound coming out of it. Then our car engine stopped for no reason. Our car was pretty new and never had any problem before. I got out of the car to check under the hood. My wife kept looking at the flying object. She said it took off and just disappeared, right after the car stopped. A couple of seconds later the car started again, and we have never had any problem since.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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