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Aliens UFO Sighting from Visalia, California 2014

I was headed south on 108 just about a mile or two north of the northernmost edge of Visalia last summer when I saw an object with lights on it by the side of the road. It was dark and it was hard to see it except for the lights. It's a very straight road for those who don't know and you can see for miles if the weather allows and it usually does except during heavy November fog but like I said this was in the summer.
As I got closer I could see more and more detail. I could
    see that it was about 12 to 15 feet long, a few feet tall and it had windows along the top half. There were a number of lights around its perimeter.
Right as
I passed it I could see into the windows of the object and I could clearly make out two creatures inside the object. They looked very humanlike. I got really scared and floored it.
When I got home (Visalia) I got a couple of friends of mine to come up there and check it out but the object was gone. My buddies both thought I was crazy but I know what I saw was real.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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