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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Flushing, New York 1973

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I was a child of about 7 or 8 and I was hanging out in the playground by myself and all of the sudden a huge ball of pulsating bright light comes across the sky. It was so bright I thought I would feel heat from it but I did not. I am looking for anyone from that area around Queens College that may have seen it as well. My email address is dschoen730@ gmail . Com. This took place in Flushing housing project around 1973 or so right by Queens College.

    Posted by Anonymous

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I experienced the same thing. I believe it was 78 for me.

Please contact me I would love to compare notes this has been haunting me for over 40 years. Dschoen730 @gmail. com. My name is. Dave please put UFO on the heading so I am sure to open it. Thanks. Dave.
    - comment by David

I must write you. 1973 summer I had a sighting/experience I never told anyone except my son who was with me. He was only 3 so I didn't mention it 'til he was 24. It's 4 am and I've gotta be up at 8. I'll definitely em you under separate cover tomorrow.
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