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Round Object UFO Sighting from Downey, California 2007

I saw a UFO in 2007 when I was out in the back yard one night. I looked up and saw a round object hovering in the sky. I called for my wife and she came out and saw it too. My wife ran back inside to get a camera but it flew away before she made it back.
Turns out some other people in the neighborhood saw it too. I called the local news and told them but they never got back to me and they didn't mention anything on the news.
I wish I had a picture of it, then they would
    all believe.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Dear Anonymous.... LOL
I saw a round (silver) object in the sky in Downey in 1967. I was driving down Rives Avenue going South I guess. It was right where Cory intersects and forms a ''T''. I thought it was the moon so I rolled my window down after I pulled over to make sure. It wasn't the moon. Too close and too big. It was a whitish silver coloring and similar to ''The Day The Earth Stood Still. ''
It began lowering as if to get a better view, either of me or me of them. A car behind me pulled over and it was someone I knew from Warren High (senior, I was a junior). I stepped out and it whooshed down Cole and toward Paramount. It was totally gone in 8 seconds. I saw some in Bakersfield years later. - Derek Lamar drdereklamar @cableone . Net now in New Mexico. Go figure. Email me.
    - comment by Anonymous 2881


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