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Unspecified UFO Sighting from New York, New York

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I was visiting in lower Manhattan when we saw it coming toward our window on the 19th floor of the apt bldg. We rushed to the window and it stood there for several mins. Then turned on its bottom side and stood there and I sketched it in detail.
called the pd to report it and they said the military base and they informed the funding had stopped for UFO's. My brother lived in a corner unit of the bldg. So as we were on the phone with military given them the flying locations
    as it moved across the bklyn bridge into bklyn and it's return back and then hover around the twin towers.
all they could tell me was that if it was flying that
low under radar they could not detect it. I left the sketch with a guy who studied UFO's and went back to Puerto Rico.
several weeks later my brother tells me the article appeared in the paper with the sighting by many. It was really neat. It posed for us long enough for me to sketch it from different angles. Nobody was interested.

    - Posted by Anonymous
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