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Coverup UFO Sighting from Edmond, Oklahoma 1952

How come there is no mention of the UFO sighting over Edmond, Oklahoma back in 1952. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in bed when there was a loud noise from the sky. I opened the window and looked up and saw a saucer shaped object flying across the sky with a loud hissing noise. I ran to my parents room and they were watching the thing as well.
Next day the whole town was talking about it. Lots of people at school had seen it. The local paper however didn't say
    a word. Someone told me that he had asked the editor why the story wasn't covered and the editor got all weird and changed the topic. Smells like a cover-up if
you ask me.
Let's not take this to our graves people! If you were around in '52 and saw this please post your experience here like I have done.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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