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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Ypsilanti, Michigan August 05 2015

Can someone please please tell me what this is. I saw this in the sky last night. It didn't make peep, no sound at all, and it traveled as fast as a plane. Saw it a few minutes after midnight. I managed to take this picture as it was moving away. Before I took the picture I could see it better, it had two bright lights side by side and a smaller one in the middle a bit lower down than the two big ones.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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More in likely the I S S , those tiny that look like two lights are the two massive solar panel on it reflecting from the sun, when you view it , moves fast e to w , usually last around 2 mins. Look up The ISS site to see the next time it passes over your areas, and yea it does get confused with the real UFO. Lol.
    - comment by Gary

Ok, but what about the third light, the smaller one in the middle a bit down? ISS looks different from this picture, it's not ISS. Not saying it's aliens, but definitely not ISS.


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Submitted by: anonymous

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