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Ball Of Light UFO Sighting from Woodside, New York October 2014

I have lived here in Woodside on 61st Street since 2000 and have never witnessed anything like I did in October last year. I was with a brother and our dog Jenny. As we were near a church Jenny stopped frozen for about almost a minute.
Then she started to run around my brother like crazy. Then she stopped and stared at these 4 balls of lights. They were flashing yellow and blue and were flying or actually hovering on top of the empty field right by the church.
They were
    looping around the field for almost 5 minutes. My brother and I (and Jenny) were in shock. We didn't know what to do. We didn't have our phone with us, otherwise
we would have taken some pictures to prove that theses lights were there for real.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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