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Lights UFO Sighting from Roswell, Georgia July 2013

I was on the bike trail by Riverside Road one night. I like to bike after work, so sometimes it is dark already when I start my daily exercise. I live in the neighborhood and have never experienced anything extraterrestrial until that night.
It was around 7:30 pm when my wife told me she she saw a weird light above the trees around the Roswell Riverwalk trail area. I stopped my bike and looked up to see not just one but three elliptical objects with red flashing lights.
    thought maybe someone was playing with their drone/rc toys, but we soon realized they couldn't be because they were hovering quite a distance on top of those trees,
and we didn't hear any buzzing sounds like you would hear from any rc toys.

The lights were oscillating. We didn't know really what those were, but when we thought about our experience again later we thought we might have been witnessing something not form this world. Happened July 2013.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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