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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Greeley, Colorado July 2012

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I like to take pictures of cemeteries in the hope of getting images of the unexplained. One night three years ago I decided to explore Linn Grove Cemetery. I parked my car on E. 16 Street and started walking around and taking pictures.
It was dark, and there was no one around. Then I saw an object with bright light gradually emerging from inside the cemetery (I was not inside the cemetery. ) it was so bright I couldn't see it's shape.
It lifted itself up into the sky, but
    there was no sound, and I was so shocked to see it (maybe there was a sound, but I don't remember hearing anything. I was in awe). I do remember though that it
looked very round and metallic once it was in mid air the bright wasn't so bright any more.

I didn't take any picture. Somehow I couldn't move myself until maybe a minute or two later. Has anyone see this? Please help explain.
July 2012.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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What time of the year was this? I saw something similar around the spring of 2011 out in hwy 34 near the (old) hog farms towards the southeast skyline. It was morning. I was driving and I suddenly saw this singular bright moving shape going towards the east.
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