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Lights UFO Sighting from Santa Monica, California September 15 2015

I was down at the beach the other night on the 15th at around 11 pm just a bit north of the pier when I noticed two lights moving around strangely out over the ocean about a quarter mile out. I looked a the lights for around a minute or maybe a little more when they both stopped moving and just stood still and stayed that way for around 10 seconds or maybe 15 seconds.
Then a bigger light rose out of the water, a large bright white sphere, looked like maybe 15 feet in diameter
    or maybe 20, it was hard to tell exactly from where I was standing.
After the large sphere had risen from the ocean it hovered over the surface with the two
smaller lights beside it, one on each side. They were all hovering around 20 feet over the surface or maybe a few feet more.
Then after maybe 10 or 15 seconds they all just disappeared, like the lights were just turned off. Maybe the went down into the ocean real quick, quicker than the eye could see.
That location should be checked by divers. It was around half a mile north of the pier and a quarter mile out in the ocean.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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