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Lights UFO Sighting from Alhambra, California July 2012

We were playing tennis one evening at the court in Granada Park when my friend and I saw an flying object. It was in the summer of 2012, and the sky was very clear. There were two more people in the area , but they weren't with us.
I was hitting the ball back to my friend, and I looked at her and saw that she wasn't looking at the ball. She was looking at something else. They were two hovering lights that were emitting some kind of rays.
They were still for a couple of seconds
    then moved slowly making a looping motion. The two lights were obviously flying together, and they were not lights from airplane. We asked the other two people
there if they knew what those things were.

They were in awe. They took some pictures. By the time we realized we should have taken pictures too, the objects were gone. We still play tennis there often, but we have never the UFO again since.
Has anyone seen this?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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