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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Poughkeepsie, New York September 20 2015

Last week I took some pictures of the full moon and I was looking at pictures just now and noticed 3 small bright objects in one of the pictures. I didn't notice them when I took the picture. Are these UFOs?

    - Posted by Peter

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Wow! I don't know really know what to say or comment on what those things you captured were, but my coworker has told me of his experience when he was exploring this abandoned building on prospect road.
    He said one full moon night his girlfriend at the time and he saw three flying round objects in the sky around there. They were flying together in a row. They were emitting this light blue ray. His girlfriend got scared and demanded that he take her home immediately.
Unfortunately I don't work with him anymore, but if one day I happen to see him I will definitely tell him of this website.

That's merely lens flare from the bright object in the upper left. (moon?).
    - comment by David J Michael


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Submitted by: Peter

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