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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Lorman, Mississippi 1964

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It was one of those fall days when the moon was out before it turned dark. We were visiting my grandmother who lived way out in the country. My sister and I were tossing a football in the yard when she told me to look at that thing in the sky.
I saw the moon and said so what. She said no... Look over there. I was only 10, but knew what I was seeing was something strange. A dull metallic oval shaped object was hovering in the sky. It made no noise.
We called for our mom,
    grandma, and other sister to come and look. Even as a child I could tell this thing was massive.. Had girth. It was quite high in the sky but yet still large enough
to see clearly.

It did not move or make a sound. Obviously we were dumbfounded as we stood and watched it slowly rotate onto it's side and start to move very slowly as it released 8 to 10 opaque spheres one at a time with puffs of smoke between each one.
The mother ship continued to travel across the sky slowly. The spheres scrambled quickly in a small area of the sky until they lined up in a split second into (my older sister says) a V shape and drifted upward until out
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