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Lights UFO Sighting from Redlake, North Dakota 2015

I was walking home late one night back then you could walk through someone's yard as a shortcut to your house. It was unusually dark that night, and it was strange walking on the road and no dogs barking or chasing you. In fact you couldn't hear anything but this humming noise. I looked around, nothing was moving. As I was getting closer to home I heard this noise so I stopped and listened and it sounded like someone walking very hard on the road behind me. Didn't see anyone
    so I walked a little faster and the noise got louder and faster.
I was running by then; ran all the way home. Burst through the door, scared my mom who was
waiting up for me. I was so scared I couldn't talk for a while. She asked what's wrong so I told her. She sat down at the table and said I've been hearing that humming too and seeing weird lights in the trees for two nights now, and so has the neighbors. Because we talked about it and we notice that the dogs in the neighborhood aren't barking at night. This went on for another few days. No one ever found out where the humming and lights came from.

    - Posted by Jd


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