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Lights UFO Sighting from Merced, California October 21 2015

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I know a lot of people saw the strange light in the sky this evening here in Merced. I know a lot of people got good pictures of it. I managed to take two pretty decent pictures of it myself, here they are. This was only about an hour ago, can't wait to see what the news have to say about it in the morning.
As of right now they haven't said anything but I'm sure a lot of people are calling them to report this UFO. If you missed it it was an oval light that was moving around in
    different directions for about half a minute and then it flew away. It went south so maybe people south of Merced got to see it too?

Posted by Jose

Comments and Replies:

I saw that thing too, amazing stuff! I was searching for news about it and so far it's only on this site as far as I can tell. It's early though, I'm sure we'll soon find out what it was.
    - comment by Steve

I only saw it for a few seconds but it I thought it was incredible. I have never seen anything like it.
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Submitted by: Jose

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