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Aliens UFO Sighting from Cary, North Carolina October 21 2015

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I live in Cary, NC and last night my husband and I went out to walk the dog. It was pretty late, a bit after midnight. We like to come out real late at night and just walk the streets with the dog, everyone's asleep and it's really quiet and peaceful. We walked past this house where my husband noticed strange shadows moving around inside even though the lights were off. We though maybe it's burglars so we decided to stick around for a while.
My husband got his phone out
    ready to call 911 in case it turned out to be burglars. Looking at these shadows they didn't look normal, they looked deformed, skinny bodies and big heads. Suddenly
a face looked out the window for a moment and we could see it. It was one of those aliens with the big heads, I was told later they are called greys or grays. My husband and I were both frozen with fear.
After the initial shock had worn off we both though maybe it's kids wearing costumes for fun but it looked too real. We walked away a bit further but still close enough to see. The shadows kept moving around for a while longer and then they stopped and it was calm and quiet.
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