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Aliens UFO Sighting from Watsonville, California 1999

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I used to live in a small rental house with my wife across the street from this small minimum security correctional facility for first time youth offenders. We didn't find out that the house across the street was a prison until after we moved in. My wife was freaked out and after she found out we were living next door to criminals she made me get up at night to check on every single tiny sound to make sure it wasn't some young hooligan from next door trying to break in.
    always sounds and most of the time it was nothing, turned out it was never the criminals next door, they were all nonviolent kids who had stolen a car or something.
But one time it was something, something I wish I had never seen. My wife had woken me up at 4 am because she thought she had heard someone walking outside the window and as usual I had to make sure it wasn't a young delinquent stealing stuff or trying to set our home on fire.
I got up and as usual grabbed the tire iron I had been keeping by the bed since we found out we were living next to a prison. I walked out the door and around the back of the house and that's when I
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