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Aliens UFO Sighting from Roseville, California 1960

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I saw a UFO and aliens in 1960 in a field behind our house in what is now an urban area and part of Roseville. I was 15 years old at the time and I had a dog that would sleep in my room. One night my dog woke me up looking terrified and tried to pull me away from the window where my bed was. I though maybe there was some wild animal outside that has scared her like a coyote or something so I looked out.
Right there in the field behind our house was a flying saucer standing
    on legs with two creatures moving around outside it. I hid behind the curtain so they wouldn't notice me but I kept watching. The creatures were as big as children
and they were wearing full body suits with helmets so I couldn't see what their heads looked like. The saucer was the size of a van and was standing on legs on the ground with an open hatch door on the side.
They were about 50 yards away so I couldn't see too much detail. The creatures were moving around the saucer looking at different things on their saucer like they were inspecting it or checking it.
After a few minutes they both entered the saucer through the hatch
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