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Lights UFO Sighting from Orange, California November 07 2015

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Hey I saw that light last night. No way that was a missile like the government claims. That was an alien spaceship. When will they stop lying to us? It was seen by thousands of people. Lot of pictures and videos. Just look at them, definitely not a missile.

    - Posted by Godfrey

Comments and Replies:

Of course it wasn't a missile. Anytime something like this shows up the government claims it's a missile. This UFO was seen all over Orange County by many people. If they can't deny it they try to issue a ridiculous explanation. They're all a bunch of liars and everyone knows it.
        - comment by Herbie

Yeah I saw that. It was really really bright and lasted for minutes. I took some video with my phone but it didn't come out good. It's OK though, saw a lot of people had good video and pictures of it.
    - comment by Ashley

I saw that UFO too. I didn't think it was of alien origin at first until it changed shape. It was really weird.
    - comment by Josh

If you look around this site you will find other similar sightings. This was no unusual sighting. What happens is if many people see it they claim it was a missile test; if few people saw it they just cover it up. This time it happened in Southern California so they have to play the missile card. When it happens in North Dakota you don't hear peep about it on any mainstream news.
    - comment by Alex

Definitely a UFO, a UFO from space. Yeah the government says missile but we all know better don't we?
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