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Lights UFO Sighting from Orange, California November 07 2015

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  of the public.
    - comment by Gunter

I would like to tell you all that this light we all saw the other day was no missile test or anything else of that sort. It was an alien spaceship. I have analyzed every video and every photo on the web and there is no way this was a missile or any other manmade object.
I have also eliminated any possible natural phenomena. The only remaining explanation
    is that it was in fact an alien vessel.
    - comment by Dr T

There was a mass
UFO sighting just like this one in the early 90s a couple of hundred miles north in the Central Valley.
    - comment by Taylor

I definitely think the government is hiding the truth from us. This is an absolute conspiracy. We demand to know the truth from our elected leaders. We have the right to know!
    - comment by Leroy

I have been following the developments of this,
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