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Disc UFO Sighting from Sao Paulo, Brazil November 10 2015

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Let me assure you that UFOs are real. This picture was taken by me just a few hours ago when I was getting ready for the night. It showed up outside my window. I took this picture with my telephone. Please tell me if you think this is a real UFO or something natural or manmade. When I saw it it was standing still in the sky but after only a few seconds it moved away very fast.
I think it was as big as a bus but it was difficult to see. It was just a big glowing disk in the
    air. It was silent almost, only a very low buzzing sound came from it.

    - Posted by Felipe

Comments and Replies:

Ok what is going on here. More and more discs all over the world. Is this a threat? I don't know. Maybe nothing to worry about but I certainly think this need a lot of urgent attention. Is there any precedence for this type of sudden rise in coordinated UFO activity on a global scale?
    - comment by Mark

The strangest thing about these glowing discs is that there's no mention of them in established corporate media outlets. You turn on the TV news and there's no mention at all of this global phenomenon.
    - comment by Paul

I don't necessarily believe that these discs are of alien origin but I do believe there is something wrong. Maybe they are some kind of atmospheric phenomenon cause by global warming or fracking. They look almost like globs of burning gas.
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Submitted by: Felipe

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