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Disc UFO Sighting from Sao Paulo, Brazil November 10 2015

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  I noticed most if not all of these are in big cities. Maybe it's just because there are more potential witnesses there but maybe it's related to the cities somehow. Maybe they are caused by pollution of some kind that happens in big cities but not in the countryside.
I'm not a scientist but we should look at all possibilities.
    - comment by Tina

I'm so happy the aliens are here. I've been waiting for
    them my whole life. I think the aliens are wonderful and I can't wait to meet them and go with them to their planet.
    - comment by Kaitlyn

you look at the frequency of these occurrences it's been about one a week until today when we have two in the same day. Could be a coincidence but it could be an escalation of glowing disc activity. Let's just keep our cool for now and see what happens in the next few days.
    - comment by Melanie

I'm not worried about any glowing discs. If they are aliens they are more advanced than us and thus much more peaceful. They are not going to hurt us. We can't know
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