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Disc UFO Sighting from Union City, New Jersey November 12 2015

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I think I just saw one of those glowing discs. I have to wake up very early for work before the sun is up and this morning there was a bright disc in the sky that just glided over my house. It wasn't very fast, about 30 mph. I was too freaked to reach for my phone to video it but it looks like there are plenty of pictures of glowing discs, well it looked like one of those.

    - Posted by April
Comments and Replies:

I saw that too. About 4 am. I was driving and I saw it come towards me in the sky about a couple of hundred feet up and just pass right over me. I was the only car out that I could see but if you saw it and I did there must be even more people who saw it.
    - comment by Dylan

My daughter saw that UFO you described. She lives in Union city and she told me she had seen a bright light shaped like a disc flying in the sky.
    - comment by Kathy

I think there must be some surveillance camera footage catching this UFO somewhere. Maybe someone could post a video of this ufo?
    - comment by Johnny

I saw that glowing disc too. I was crossing the street and it passed right over me in the air. I could hear a quiet buzz and I looked up and that's when I saw it. At first I got scared but as soon as I realized it wasn't after me I felt OK.
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