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Orb UFO Sighting from Festus, Missouri November 11 2015

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On November 11th at approximately 5:20 pm while exiting 55 South and the off ramp to 67 South I saw an orb. Blue with a white halo just above the tree line that at first I thought was a large star. The orb then accelerated south parallel to 67 at a high rate of speed and suddenly broke into two perfect smaller orbs, one disappearing down and to the right and the other left and upward.
The whole sighting took place in just a second. This occurred at drive time so there was
    considerable traffic on both highways. It would be hard to imagine that many people in the area didn't see the same thing.

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Comments and Replies:

I saw something like that once. Looked just like what you described. Do you think it was a UFO?
    - comment by Freddie

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