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Disc UFO Sighting from Mexico City, Mexico November 15 2015

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I went out on my balcony with my husband to have a nice drink and after a while this thing flew by slowly and quietly. I took many pictures with my phone and my husband took video with his phone. This is the best picture I took but I have more, but they all look the same. We will post the video on youtube as soon as possible, this happened just a few minutes ago.
It's not very late and nobody is asleep yet. I am going to watch the news on TV now if they say anything.

    - Posted by Maria

Comments and Replies:

This is another disc sighting. They have been popping up all over the world recently. I would love to see that video, could you please post a link after you upload it. What time of day was it exactly? Mostly these discs appear at night but it looks from your photo that this one appeared in daylight.
    - comment by Dr T

I saw that also. About 5 in the afternoon right? I noticed something bright above me and I looked up and I saw a very bright thing that looked like a plate. Your picture is not clear but it looks like it was the same thing.
    - comment by Sofia

I really think that these UFOs are up to something. They appear in megacities around the world and just fly slowly right in front of people making zero effort to hide. Maybe their main objective is to be seen for some reason.
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Submitted by: Maria

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