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Abduction UFO Sighting from Norristown, Pennsylvania 1988

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In 1988 I had a really bad experience with extra terrestrials. I was abducted from my home against my will. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't move my body. I could open my eyes and see but I couldn't even move my eyeballs so I could only see sharply straight up and to the sides was all blurry peripheral vision.
I could see shapes of figures moving around in my room that looked as tall as children. I couldn't see them clearly because they were all in my peripheral
    vision. This went on for a while, felt like hours but it was probably just a few minutes. I could see everything blurry and hear everything well; they didn't talk
but I could hear the sounds of them moving around and sounds of objects clunking together like they were doing some kind of work or assembly.
I was in complete panic but I couldn't move a muscle or make any sound at all, all I could do was lay there and observe. Then the worst thing of all happened. One of the figures bent over me and looked me straight in the face. It hade huge black eyes that looked completely empty and a very featureless face. At this point I was so scared
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