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Abduction UFO Sighting from Norristown, Pennsylvania 1988

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  I would have probably passed out from fear but as soon as this happened I did pass out. Probably not from fear but they had probably noticed I was awake and given me a shot of tranquilizer or something.
I woke up the next morning first thinking it must have been a nightmare but I had a really bad headache and when I went to take a shower I had a big bruise on my back. I also had dirt under my fingernails and small scratches all over my fingers, like I had been digging in dirt with
    my bare hands.
I don't know what happened after I passed out but it seems like they must have taken me outside somehow and I must have struggled against them.
I don't know if the headache was form hitting my head in the struggle or if it was an effect of whatever they did to me.
I went to a doctor and told him I had fallen and hit my head but he didn't believe me, he said someone had obviously beat me up. He probably thought I had an abusive boyfriend I was covering for. I didn't have a concussion but I had some bruising on the back of my head that was covered by my hair.
This was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I really
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