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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Palm Harbor, Florida 1987

I saw a UFO out at sea back in 1987. I was out fishing with some buddies when suddenly one of my buddies spotted a bright light above the water surface coming straight towards us. We had no clue what it could be but we were all pretty scared and ready to jump off the boat in case it was some kind of stray missile that had locked in on our boat for some reason.
It was moving really fast and within seconds it was almost at the boat. It flew right over us and continued on. When
    it passed over us we could see it clearly but it went fast, real fast, as fast as a plane. It was completely round and about 20 feet across. It had no features
whatsoever, just plain white and bright, like a big round light bulb.
None of us had ever seen anything like it ever. It's been almost 30 years now and I still have no clue what it was we saw that day.

    - Posted by Larry

Comments and Replies:

My uncle and my dad went fishing a lot back in the days. I remember when they told us kids about strange light they saw out there while fishing. No one actually took them too seriously, but now that you actually reported this similar experience; I guess they might as well be seeing UFOs for real.
    - comment by Agustin


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