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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Springfield, Missouri 1988

A friend and I were leaving Springfield down old Rte 66 westward towards Halltown around 11 p.m. We kept looking back at something large coming down that road behind us, with red and white lights twinkling and was way too low for a plane, noiseless, but seemed to stay in speed with the car (seems like it might have been about 500' up in the air).
We got spooked and floored that car as fast as it could fly and then it sped up and stayed with us for awhile, down that road behind
    us. I admit, I was terrified. Whoever was at the wheel of that thing in the sky had to know we were running from it. Then it seemed to slow down and let us go.

- Posted by Jane

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It sounds crazy and terrifying to me whoever controlling those UFO being spotted by people are getting a little out of control I'm reading about them on this website flying their spaceship low over houses flying close to planes it's crazy are they purposely trying to scare us I think so.


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