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Round Object UFO Sighting from Madera, California December 23 2015

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This morning before the sun came up I saw this UFO in the sky. I hurried and took this picture. I wasn't able to focus it right so it's a but blurry. I tried to focus in better but the UFO started moving away and within a few seconds it was gone.
Happened here in Madera this morning. I know someone must have seen this besides me, Madera is very busy in the early hours. Most places you go everyone's asleep but here in the SJ Valley we like to rise early and get things done.
    know a lot of people who have seen things in the sky. I think there's a lot going on in the sky but people are asleep or busy, not looking at the sky. I saw this
by accident, I don't go around looking at the sky but from now on I'll look up more often.

    - Posted by Manuel

Comments and Replies:

Very similar to the one a few days ago in Wisconsin. That picture is sharper. Did it look like that one?
    - comment by Paula

Pretty much like that yep.
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Submitted by: Manuel

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