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Abduction UFO Sighting from Glen Burnie, Maryland 1980

I grew up in Glen Burnie and I used to get abducted by aliens at night sometimes. I was having unexplained psychological issues during childhood, I was basically a mess in the head. It was only when I was 23 years old that I remembered abduction episodes when I was put under hypnosis.
The aliens had been abducting me from about age 5 until about 17. Finding out about these abductions was scary, but it helped me heal, knowing why I was having psychological issues. If you suspect
    you are being abducted or know someone you think is being abducted you need to find a local psychologist who believes in aliens.
If I had a dollar for every
psychologist I've been to who thought I was crazy I'd have about 14 or 15 dollars, lost count. It was only when I went to one that viewed alien abductions as a possible cause that I was cured. I didn't even suspect anything like that, he dug it out of me.

    - Posted by Sophia

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I live here too in Glen Burnie. I have a friend who claimed to have been abducted by an alien when he was a child (now he's a physician in Bethesda. ) I believe him because there was no reason he would make that up.
    - comment by Bb


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