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Round Object UFO Sighting from Somerville, Massachusetts December 28 2015

I live in Somerville. The other night my husband told me to hurry out and check out this light in the sky. I ran out and this is what we both saw. It was just sitting still like that for about 10 seconds after I got out and my husband only saw it a few seconds before me; who knows how long it had been sitting there in the sky?
Well after those ten seconds the light started moving, slowly at first and the suddenly very fast and was soon gone. Please comment on my UFO sighting
    if you saw it or if you have any information about it.

    - Posted by Emma

Comments and Replies:

Can you describe the motion of the object in more detail? Was it moving in a straight line? Was the acceleration instant or gradual?
    - comment by Jane

My dad told me when he was a kid he had a UFO right above his house apparently he was staring it for a really long time and did not tell anyone what he saw until later. I wonder if he got abducted. Oh it was in water town.
    - comment by +++++


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Submitted by: Emma

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