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Abduction UFO Sighting from Bethesda, Maryland 1995

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You always figure alien abductions happen to people who live on farms in remote rural areas but I have been abducted several times from my home in Bethesda, MD. I don't know exactly how many times this has happened because I only remember some of the abductions and those I only remember a fraction of.
It's little snapshots of things like small skinny beings surrounding me and performing medical procedures on me. It's all very scary. The first abduction I know of happened
    20 years ago when I was 8, but there could have been other abductions before that that I don't remember.
The early abductions were from my childhood home and
the abductions followed me to an apartment I moved to when I was 20. When my husband and I bought a house the abductions followed me there.
I'm very strong and I've learned to live with this, it doesn't bother me much, we all have crosses to bear. I know other victims go crazy and all that but I just keep living my life normally.
There's really not much you can do to stop it and if you contact authorities they'll laugh at best. They don't hurt me so I let them be.

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