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Disc UFO Sighting from Council Bluffs, Iowa February 09 2016

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      - comment by Raoul

That looks just like the UFO in Fairbanks Alaska last night. Same thing! Bright disc.
    - comment by Frederick

I saw the same suspended light east of the Council Bluffs rail yard about a year ago. It moved erratically before shooting straight up into the air.
    - comment by Paul Koch

    saw a triangular almost like how birds fly together slanted but if the birds were lights shaped object of at least 10-15 on each side super bright white lights
moving faster then I've ever seen any type of craft move before last night during the blood moon.
I've never even believed in this stuff in my own opinion I lean more toward military experimentation then anything. But yes was at least 25-30 lights all aligned and flowing fastly. By time I ran inside to grab my phone which was on the charger at the time and came back out it was almost already out of sight.
I'd say over my head and out of view under a minutes time. This happened
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