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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Providence, Rhode Island 1997

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I saw one in my backyard in Providence in 1997. It hovered with no noise--spinning slowly lights around the perimeter of it. It was enormous but it just hung there for a few minutes so I went out to inspect it as if I was witnessing an illusion.
There was a breeze that picked up and I became a little frightened so I went back inside. I couldn't stop watching it in wonder. Where did it come from and where does it go?? All of a sudden it just slid across the sky and got smaller
    and smaller as it went towards the horizon and just disappeared!

    - Posted by Stephanie

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My brother and I used to live in Providence in the 90s, and he told me that he saw a UFO flying with lights on it's rim. We never believed him. Now that I have read what you saw, I should go ask him about his experience again.
    - comment by Dustin

East Providence (Riverside) 1996 or 1997. It was a summer night and I was getting ready to leave my friends house to go home for dinner. We were outside in her front yard saying our goodbyes when a UFO came right over us.
We looked in amazement at an egg shaped object. A brilliant gold with a thin trim of multicolored moving lights around the center. No sound and it felt so close that we could reach out and touch it.
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