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Disc UFO Sighting from Concord, North Carolina February 10 2016

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I saw a glowing disc this morning at 6:20. I was about to get in my car to go to work when I saw the disc flying in the sky. I've been researching this online all morning and found a lot of sightings similar to mine, specially on this site. Looks like there's something major going down if you ask me.

    - Posted by Arthur

Comments and Replies:
I think I saw that too. I mean I saw a glowing disc flying through the sky but I think it was the same one. A bit later than you though but maybe I'm a bit down the road from you. If you look around I think you'll find a lot of people saw it.
    - comment by Phil

What you need to do is to tell everyone you know what you saw. It's great that you post it online, keep doing that, as many sites as you can. But you also need to email people and call people and tell people in person.
The government is covering these discs up. If we all spread the word everyone will know.
    - comment by Ronald

I think these discs are unmanned alien surveillance drones gathering intel for a soon to come invasion.
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