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Lights UFO Sighting from Bayonne, New Jersey February 23 2016

There was a bright light in the sky last night at about 11 pm. It looked like a giant torch in the sky. I just can't believe I was the only one who saw it. It was visible for only a few seconds before it stopped, but for those few seconds it was brighter than the full moon. It was impossible not to notice if you were out.

    - Posted by Edward
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I saw that same flaming orb 3 times.
    - comment by Siggdog

I was with 3 friends that night we were in front of my friends apartment between ave b and Kennedy on 54th Street, and we saw this glowing huge flaming orb triangle shape in the sky soaring around in ways I've never seen and then disappeared and every 15/20 mins it would come by again in the same pattern.
    - comment by Eric


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