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V Shape UFO Sighting from Apache Junction, Arizona 1985

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I saw a V shaped object like this with 5 lights on it in 1985 outside of Apache Junction. Even though it's been over 30 years I remember it quite clearly. It just flew over us quite slowly. It was about 200 feet up in the air and was huge, I mean really huge, the size of a football field. My daughter who was only 3 at the time was with me and she got really scared if it. I was scared to but I played brave in font of my daughter so she wouldn't freak out, but I was scared. It's
    really scary to see something like that.
It flew over us and continued on. I don't know if others saw it but I never heard anything about it. I know there's
been sightings like this in other places at other times.

    - Posted by Molly

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I saw one of these on Google earth laying on the desert floor between Barry Goldwater's Military and Ajo Arizona. On the southern border. It appeared just to be laying there as if it crashed or died I did not say the latitude or longitude because I was new to Google earth and at the time did not know how to do it.
It was a V-shape.
    - comment by Pamela

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Submitted by: Molly

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