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Aliens UFO Sighting from Bozeman, Montana 1978

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I was driving late at night in the summer of 1978 a few miles outside of Bozeman I noticed a bright light a bit away from the road. I decided to pull over and check it out thinking that it could be a fire that needed to be put out. Back in those days we cared about things and if we saw potential danger we would step in to take care of it if we could. In this spirit of communal good I stopped the car and walked towards the light.
Of course if you all realize that it was a UFO
    and not a fire since this is a UFO site and not a firefighting forum. Well yes, it was a UFO, a hat shaped UFO that was standing on the ground on three legs. Around
the parked UFO were three small humanoid creatures. They were small like children and had very long arms and big heads and big black eyes. The UFO had big rectangular panels on it and really looked like a hat with a very thick narrow brim. If you look at the picture I've drawn you get a good idea of what it looked like.
I hid behind a rock, not because I was brave and wanted to see more but because I was afraid they would see me. I curled up behind the rock in fear for my life. After
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Submitted by: Tom

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