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Landing UFO Sighting from Stevens Point, Wisconsin 1970

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      - comment by Jeff Braatz

Early Saturday morning me and my woman were in a secluded spot on the Greenbay in the township of Peshtigo WI. We were watching the sky in the back of the truck. We saw 3 bigger and brighter lights which stayed in the formation of a perfect triangle with one another and they were miles apart.
Weirder yet those 3 main each had a handful of smaller ones that appeared to be fighting
    or playing a game of tag. These lights would move fast and erratic in chase. Occasionally the big ones seem to shoot at them with a laser.
We both agree though
that the big ones seemed to be training the smaller ones. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. And I was always a UFO skeptic but Laura and I saw the same exact same thing.

I tried to record it on my phone but these lights were like a mile or so more apart and I couldn't find them on my screen. This happened; we saw it and I swear on our son this is the absolute truth.
    - comment by Michael Brohmer And Laura Borden


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