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Round Object UFO Sighting from Brunswick, Maine 1983

I saw a UFO when I was young. The year was 1983 and I had just moved to Brunswick to start a new job there. I was out in my backyard one evening smoking a cigarette when suddenly I saw a round ball of light appear in the sky. I looked at it and it grew bigger by the second. Before long I could make out dots of darkness along its bright body. The dots were arranged in lines running in bands along the body of this object.
Suddenly it just vanished without a trace. I had never seen
    anything remotely like it. The only explanation is that it was an alien spaceship; I mean what else could it be?

    - Posted by Steve

Comments and Replies:

I was searching for UFO in Brunswick me after listening to Dan Akroyd on the Joe Rogan show. It reminded me of a UFO that my wife's parents claim they both saw. It was likely around the time you are talking about but I can confirm.
The story they tell is that it was near the grade school (not sure which school exactly) but that it was so large and had lights. They noted that they were in awe but when they looked around at people who were walking by or on bikes they were not noticing it.
They did not mention it being small and then growing but I can confirm with them but they did talk about the immense size and lights which would jive with your story. Will talk to them and return with specifics.
    - comment by John


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