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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Clay County, West Virginia May 24 2016

I have been looking at the same sky every night for 5 years. Last night we something I can not explain. An amber color cigar shaped light zoomed in and then slowly (over 2 hours) moved across the sky. If that was not weird enough there were 3 other lights below it that moved with it.
It was MASSIVE in size, it took up most of the sky in the area where we were watching it. The shape of the lights made a triangle shape with the amber colored, cigar shaped light at the helm.
    I chalk this up as one of the most unexplainable things I have seen in my lifetime (I am 50 years old) and my 31 year old son was a witness. The picture attached
is when it flew in, then it moved very slowly across the sky. I also have videos. 05/24/2016 9:30pm to Midnight

    - Posted by Jeannie

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I saw a white oval shape hovering around a farm down low above the trees in Frenchvillage in Bloomsdale MO at night. I put my flash light on to see what it was cause it was really dark on this old rocky road about that time I turned my flashlight on and my car lights it jump up hundreds of feet higher so fast like seconds bam it was gone. It went in an angle, rotated fast a sharp angle, and there was no sound. When it spotted me the oval white craft had no engine sound just very fast of a leap hundreds of feet in a blink of an eye in an angle then gone. I know my headlights startled it and me getting out facing my flashlight at it. I told others but they say you must have been on some good drugs or whatever. When I see it I believe it. But I saw what I saw !
    - comment by Anonymous


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Submitted by: Jeannie

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