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Round Object UFO Sighting from Lexington, Nebraska 1984

In 1984 I was working in Lexington on a short project and one night during work we were taking a break with my work buddies having a smoke when suddenly this big giant bright ball came flying through the sky. When I say it was big I mean gigantic. It was the size of a house and it was flying low and fast. It barely cleared the rooftops. Now we were working graveyard shift so this all happened at around 4 am. I don't think anyone except us saw it, at least I never heard anything from
    anyone else.
One of my work buddies was on a UFO show on TV talking about our experience and I heard they never stopped making fun of him after that. You have
to be careful reporting these things because very few people will ever take you seriously again. I'm not even using my real name.

    - Posted by Randy

Comments and Replies:

Hi Randy, in 1992 I was driving from Lexington to Oberlin around 2 a.m. coming home from a wedding, and I also saw a large ball of light. It had intelligence as it started out coming toward me, and I thought it was a motorcycle with the single light, but when it passed I saw it was just a light. It could change size and intensity. Then it immediately was upon my vehicle from behind while I was driving 50-55 mph. All I remember is being terrified and my entire car engulfed entirely in massively bright white light. Then it took off a mach speed across a field and disappeared. I have no recollection of driving the rest of my 50-mile journey from there or how I got home. It was a similar experience as that Wisconsin sheriff had which was in the news many years back maybe in the 1970s? I know what you mean by how it's hard to tell people because they feel like I did before I saw this, but once you see one you know. Then it's like the rug of your life is pulled out from under you because everything - everything - we were ever taught and learned is suddenly called into question.
    - comment by Dee From Denver


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