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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Sumter, South Carolina 1984

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In 1984 at Sumter SC , Shaw AFB my young son and I were driving toward the base when we saw a large object that was as big as a football field. This was about 1 pm. I parked the car and we both sat on the hood watching it slowly moving! It was black and was longer than it was wide! There was no sound coming from it!
What seemed like only a few minutes we were still sitting on the hood of the car but it was night time, around 8:30 pm. We could not remember what happened but we did
    know we lost a little over 9 hours of memory!
WhenI tell someone about it, even today, I am laughed at, even by my family. My son has passed away many years
ago! I have dreams of being probed and wake up in a sweat, even today!

    - Posted by Doug Hoffman

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I believe you just recently a few months ago me and my kids saw something the size of a football field flew over our home. We we're soo scared our TV's started reading error, our phone batteries we're drained, and my dryer started going crazy.
This object was square rectangular shaped object with bright white lights, had red lights that were moving really fast, it had looked like a tail piece. And then 6 cargo planes setting off flares. Called the police they said it was a helicopter that missed.
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